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Distributor of Welding Wire

Welding is the process of uniting metals by melting electrode wires on certain media. Welding is widely used in various industrial sectors. Welding requires a melted device, which is a welding wire. Welding wire is an electrode is a material used to conduct electrical welding that serves as a burner that will cause a flame.
We sell quality welding wire manufacturers JU LI at affordable prices. JU LI is experienced in developing quality welding wires with various advantages, among others
1. As a conduit of electric current from the electrode pliers to the arc formed, after contact with the workpiece.
2. Can be used as added material.

Discover the need for your welding wire only to us for superior products with guaranteed quality. JU LI's products have been widely used both for large and small scale welding.
Please contact us for detailed information.
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