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PT Adhireksa Inticor (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT Adhireksa Inticor holds a tradition of maintaining quality and commitment to every product and service ordered by our clients for customer satisfaction, and ensuring that our company grows as well as and with business partners.

Our main products are scattered in various industrial sectors such as manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, automotive, workshop, and others. Our achievements strive for business excellence through an innovative marketing-distribution-service approach and focus on quality and commitment during and after our 2010 campaign.

In our storage system, every time we do and guarantee to ensure the availability of our stock we can support your company's needs for a plan to be constantly under your manufacturing schedule and with a minimum order quantity according to the budget and inventory system.

In mid 2009, we proudly intruduce Geka ®, a brand of consumer products and equipment from Gedik Welding Inc., an international reputation company and committed to maintaining European quality standards for various products and it is given in such a way that all the needs of this sector are met. There are special products for the international market being part of the standard product from the data included in the catalog.

We believe that the welding industry in Indonesia is still prospective as the metal industry grows. At present, one of the high demand markets is producing small LPG cylinders to support the government's kerosene conversion program.

We participate and support for the program.

After being launched by the Indonesian Vice President in 2007 to formalize a program to convert kerosene to LPG, the Government has targeted around 20 million low-income household heads to take part in the program in the next three years. The family is targeted to be given freely 3 kg gas stove and LPG cylinder capacity. This program has led to increased demand in cylinder manufacturers, including welding consumables for SAW flux and wire. We hope that the demand will continue to be stable until 2010, and the next maintenance program for later years.

Having been around for more than 17 years, the company has a lot to offer here. In-depth knowledge of our local markets, established networks, together with back-office services and strategically located facilities add up to a unique value for our company.



Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya GII No.13 Jakarta Pusat 10210
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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